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AFM Platform

The Néel Institute AFM platform include four commercial instruments. In case of few punctual observations a characterization service is proposed, beyond that the users are trained.

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Links :

AFM schedule visualization
AFM booking site (restricted access)
Instructions :

The Néel Institute AFM platform include four microscopes. In case of a few punctual observations the characterization is taken in charge by the technical support, beyond that all user should be trained.

The platform is accessible from 8 am to 7 pm during the week, the minimum time slot is 1h and no limit is fixed. Nevertheless, the users are asked to adapt their reservation time to the needs of the other users.

There is no limitation on the reservation hours but only on the access to the platform. If you need an access at night or the weekend you will have to request it and only long time autonomous trained users will be allowed.

Contacts :

For all requests link to the platform thanks to contact : Simon LE-DENMAT

Users and users supervisors of the AFM microscopes :

HR2 & NSV phone : +33(0)
Brucker Icon & Escope phone : +33(0)